Choose Color For Your Center Console Fishing Boat

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Here is a look at the popular colors we offer for our 22′ and full one of boats.

Ice Blue

Ice Blue

Whisper Grey



Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Fighting Lady Yellow

Fighting Lady Yellow

Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green


Smooth Riding 31 Center Console Fishing Boat Delivered

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We have been so busy at the shop in trying to meet timelines that we hardly get a chance to update our blog.  Your best bet to see what is going on at the factory is to follow us on our

This 31′ is loaded with twin Yamaha 300’s.  She is extremely efficient for her size and gets up on plane quick!

The boat features of standard 3 piece construction and deep V that allows for the best in versatile fishing.

Here are the pics:

Buying a Bay Boat vs. Offshore Boat

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10553619_338057643031993_1704180793757459290_nThese days, buying a boat can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of quality boats to choose from, but where do you start?

When shopping for a boat, you must first determine what you’ll being doing when you’re on the boat – let’s say 90 percent of the time. Will you be cruising, spending the weekend at the sandbar, fishing in the bay, fishing the flats or fishing offshore at least 90 percent of the time on the water?

Ideally, we’d all like to buy a boat that can “do it all.” It sure sounds nice but every boat design has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you need to decide what you want your boat to do before you spend your hard-earned money.

10616665_338057676365323_4428503993908368993_nThe bay boat revolution has taken hold in areas like South Florida because, in theory, bay boats enjoy the economy of a single engine and a hull that can gets into about 12 to 14 inches of water without much concern. Bay boats are also well-suited for inshore pursuits such spending the day at the sandbar by using a power pole to anchor down rather than throwing a traditional anchor overboard.

But what about those days when you want to go offshore?

Are you prepared to limit yourself to calm days to use your boat? Even in a 2-3 foot chop, bay boats are going to slap as they come off a wave since bay boats boast little to no transom dead rise (flat in the stern). What about when Sailfish season approaches? Some of the best sailfishing conditions are immediately following brisk cold fronts that include gusty winds rough marine conditions. Heading offshore in a bay boat will not be comfortable and likely not even safe.

mannyWhile a bay boat may sound like a reasonable compromise, it cannot deliver the design benefits that a full-gunnel, deep “V” boat can without “breaking a sweat.” For those seeking a true “Do-It-All” boat with efficiency being a primary concern, a single engine deep V is the best “bang for your buck. “

That is why our Competition 22 and 25 are designed and built to give you maximum flexibility on the water without sacrificing safety, comfort and “fishability.” While our Competition 22 and 25 can’t get as shallow as a flats or bay boat, we can do just about everything.  How often do you find yourself in less than 12 inches of water anyway?

If you want to chase tarpon down the beach, you can be assured that you will be able to easily cast a mullet or crab in 3-5 foot waves, while you are braced up against the 3 piece hull design gunnels.

Notice his knees up against the padding and his feet under the gunnels.

Notice his knees up against the padding and his feet under the gunnels.

After you catch a tarpon, go ahead and make a few throws of your cast net and load the boat with scores of pilchards (you’ll have plenty of live well space).  Work your way out to the edge for sailfish or dolphin and do so very efficiently while gently coming down wave faces or swells.  After fishing the morning away, you can go cruise over to the Sandbar and spend time with your family and friends while enjoying a beautiful sunny South Florida day.

Before heading home, you can go catch a blackfin tuna and have some fresh sashimi for dinner while watching the sun go down over the city.

If you are looking to purchase a new boat, take the time to consider how you intend to utilize your new boat. Many of our customers are former bay boat owners who “graduated” to a new Competition after taking too many beatings trying to get offshore to pursue big game.

sliderAs a semi-custom boat builder, we can build out the boat that fits you, not a “one size fits all” boat.  We don’t have dealers and all boats are sold and built here are the factory to your specs.

Give us a call and let us know when you’re ready to Take Out The Competition!

Single Engine 25 Footer Center Console With Deep V

News / 10:20 pm / by Manny

We delivered an Ice Blue with Single Yamaha 300hp this week.  The Yamaha is our preferred engine, but as a semi custom boat builder we will use your brand of choice and make sure it is propped and running exactly the way it should be.

Here are some pictures:

A 25′ Competition Delivered To New Jersey

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Competition Boats are sold all over the world and we will deliver directly to you.  Here are some pictures from this weekends deliver to New Jersey. The boat features many upgrades and single Yamaha 300.

Ice Blue Bottom For A 25 Competiton

News / 8:18 pm / by Manny

The production of the 25′ has been nonstop here at the factory. Here is one that came out beautiful with the tough of a slight access. Most of the time customers ask to paint the gunnels ice blue or something that stands out, but in this case we went ice blue on the bottom and he came out gorgeous.

Competition Boats Used In Commercial Fishing

News / 1:59 pm / by Manny

Our boats have been built for many different types of activities.  Fishing, diving and cruising are just some of the common uses, but what about all the commercial needs for an efficient boat that can handle a chop as well as go into the shallows.  Allow us to introduce “Wonka Joe Live Bait”. Ran by Ryan and Chris, the guys provide live bait including Goggle Eyes and Pilchards to Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County.  They are unique in that they are mobile and bring the bait to wherever you are.

The guys needed a boat that met certain specifications and the Competition was a perfect fit for them.  Today they have customized their competition to have over 300 gallons of live well storage as well as a door in the gunnel for easy loading and diving. The guys also operate a commercial lobster business off their boat. No matter the size of the job, a single engine Competition 25 has been a great match for the commercial industry Nationwide.

 Wonka Joe putting in work! Solid as the day she was made. Straight up Killin Machine!” – Chris Carpenter







We Deliver World Wide

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If you are looking to order a Competition, but don’t live near our factory in South Florida, we got you covered. You can meet with us for the initial order or we can handle it over the phone. We will keep you updated with pictures all along the way of your build. Once completed you can meet with us again for a water test and to ensure everything is the way you want it. We will then have the boat professionally wrapped and shipped to your home.  This year alone we have boats going all over the United States including Texas and New Jersey. We also have a a 25′ going to Australia this year. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.


25 Competition Customized by Vernese Customs

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Here is a pretty cool build in which we had the opportunity to work Vernese customs. We provided Captain Taylor with the boat the way they wanted it and they did some pretty cool customizations. We will let the pictures do the talking.

25′ To Be Delivered To Cape Cod

News / 6:34 pm / by Manny

We had the pleasure of working with a great customer to build an absolutely beautiful boat. The options chose by the customer came out great including: Single 300 Yamaha, Custom Hard Top, Rear Seating, Underwater Lighting, Full Combing Pads, Gunnel Lighting, Hard Top Lighting and a sweet stereo powered by Fusion and JL Audio. We’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story: