A Classic Reborn

The 25′ is the icon of Competition Boats. We take great pride in all our boats, but the 25′ is favored just slightly by us and our customers. Being that it is the most fuel efficient and best riding boat in it’s class, we love building these for our customers.

So what makes our 25′ so great? Well let’s start with our formula.  The 3 piece construction is a must have in our boats. Many customers that come to us aren’t sure why a 3-piece hull is superior over a 2 piece. The best advice we can give is not only ride both boats that you are considering, but also do the activities you will be enjoying such as fighting big fish. Putting your thighs up against the combing pads, along with toe room is not only comfortable, but much safer than what our competition offers.

Next, the flat deck from bow to stern is a highly sought after feature on any offshore boats. Steps in many boats simply get in the way and cause accidents. Our boats have a flat deck from the bow to the stern with ample amounts of storage on all three boats.  However if you need more storage we can always add in a coffin box and make other space-saving features that suite your needs.

Now, if you have never rode a 24.5 degree deadrise boat, than you don’t know what you are missing! The deadrise is the amount of V in the stern of the boat. This is where you feel the boat hit when coming off a wave the most. We have one of the sharpest entries in all our boats and this allows for our loved smooth ride. It should be noted that having the 24.5 degree deadrise and deep “V” does not result in a rocky or “tippy” boat. Our 25′ is extremely stable and drifts very well when out fishing.

If you are looking for a smooth riding boat that won’t break the bank, consider our 25′ with a single 300 4 stroke engine. With less weight than twins, you get better efficiency and less maintenance cost. Modern day 4 stroke engines are so reliable that you won’t miss your twin engines for a second.  However, with the latest and greatest in lightweight 4 strokes, the Competiton 25 paired with two 200hp engines is a great fit for those that need the added reliability and range. We have done thousands of hours of testing with the added weight and make some slight changes to ensure you get the best ride out of your twin engine 25 footer.

It’s not just another boat, it’s the competition.