Competition Boats Used In Commercial Fishing

News / 1:59 pm / by Manny

Our boats have been built for many different types of activities.  Fishing, diving and cruising are just some of the common uses, but what about all the commercial needs for an efficient boat that can handle a chop as well as go into the shallows.  Allow us to introduce “Wonka Joe Live Bait”. Ran by Ryan and Chris, the guys provide live bait including Goggle Eyes and Pilchards to Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County.  They are unique in that they are mobile and bring the bait to wherever you are.

The guys needed a boat that met certain specifications and the Competition was a perfect fit for them.  Today they have customized their competition to have over 300 gallons of live well storage as well as a door in the gunnel for easy loading and diving. The guys also operate a commercial lobster business off their boat. No matter the size of the job, a single engine Competition 25 has been a great match for the commercial industry Nationwide.

 Wonka Joe putting in work! Solid as the day she was made. Straight up Killin Machine!” – Chris Carpenter