Do It All, The Right Way In The 22'

Our 22′ was born for those looking for easier trailering, fish the bay and go offshore all in one boat. With the same features as it’s bigger brothers, the 22′ is the true do-it-all boat with very little limits. Unlike our competitors, we use a formula that equals safe and efficient fishing for our owners.  With a flat deck from bow to stern, you won’t have any steps to trip over.  With 3-piece construction, you will feel securely in the boat at all times.  And with an enclosed transom, you get a full 22 foot boat unlike other manufacturers who market a 22′ foot boat including the length of the engine.

You can chase tarpon in the bay, fly kites for sailfish, run the beach for snook or just take a cruise to the local hot spots and best of all do it very efficiently. Paired with a single 200 or 250 4-stroke, the economy is astounding (over 3.5mpg at cruise) and you will feel like you are in a much bigger boat. As a semi-custom boat, you get to choose all the options you want and build the boat to your specifications.

With our signature 3 piece construction, you can ensure you get a top tier boat at a great price. As with all our boats, the options are completely up to you and no one boat is the same. Come sit down with us and build your perfect 22′ foot boat that is so affordable to run, you will want to use it everyday.