Best 25 Foot Live Baiting Boat Reborn

News / 10:04 pm / by Manny

As a semi-custom fishing boat builder, we get a lot of special request from hardcore fisherman across the nation. With a proven formula of a flat deck, 3-piece construction and 24 degree deadrise, our owners have a huge head start on what they are looking for.

In a custom build, we had a customer who was extremely fond of the popular 90’s live baiting boats such as the 25′ SeaVee, 25′ Whitewater, 23 Formula, Potter Built 25′ SeaCraft, 25 Contender, 27 Conch and many others with similar lines. One thing that he was really set on was losing the bracket and adding a jackplate for a 300 Yamaha. This would allow him to control the height of the engine and creep into the shallows of Miami to chase pilchards.   As a live bait fisherman, you have a huge advantage if you can get to the bait where the birds are. And sometimes they are in less than 18′ inches of water.

Another modification we did to this boat was to put as much livewell space as possible without sacrificing the ride of the boat. We went ahead and put a small fuel tank into the boat and made room for a livewell in front of the console.  This along with our leaning post livewell and standard transom livewell, allowed for him to hold a ton of bait and hold it very well by implementing livewell clams the right way and filling to the lid making the well pressurized.  This ensures there is less slosh when running with the baits.

Today, he has a completely wood free modern day boat that is extremely efficient even when holding a full load of baits and gear. If you are looking to build a live bait fishing machine, please call us and we can discuss the modifications that fit your needs.  We get a lot of unique request and we can steer your towards the best options as to not sacrifice the unique ride quality and dryness of our 25′ classic.